STANK Is No Good In A Learning Atmosphere #fact

This is my little niece Tamera....4 years of age. I love her....just as goofy as I am...(just in a smaller body). My oldest sister/ her mama called me last night to tell me that Tamera had gotten in trouble at school. My 1st reaction was 'O LAWD' because my sister is "that one parent" who tries to take any situation her kids are involved in to court. So I was waiting for there to be a big uproar. Well....that actually wasn't the case this time. According to my sister, (after a long "conference" with the teacher) Tamera deserved her punishment....which was a timeout in the corner *sad face*. I'm sure you all wanna know what she did (If u don't, F-U & keep reading anyway)...She simply kept changing seats because she did not want to sit by the stank kid in the class....The teacher kept telling her to sit still but she wouldn't. Ok...if I was the teacher, this would not be a big deal!!! I would simply help Tamera find a comfortable place (assigned seats ain't ISH by the way). I have been in Tamera's position before...1st grade....got in trouble for not wanting to sit by the "boy who smelled like pee". So I know her pain!! It's not a good thing to have to endure such STANK! All she wanted to do was find a comfortable seat/area so she could simply learn her lessons for the day *innocent face*.

Ok so maybe i am playing the "over-protective" role as the aunt, but #imjustsayin (<--Twitter lingo). Teachers should be aware of the stank kids in the classroom. And they can't tell me that they don't know who they are. If a 4-year-old notices a foul aroma, I know the grown person in charge will. It's time to take a stand teachers!! You have 4-year-olds who are hinting to you that they are in pain & suffering! Do you want this to distract them from their studies so they can turn into deadbeats and crack hoes when they get older because YOU didn't allow them to get comfortable and move away from the smelly distraction!?! Contact the stank kids' parents and let them know the deal. If you see that the stank kids' parents are stank too....offer them a business card to the nearest therapy counseling in the area....because this is TRULY a problem!!

Let's all take a stand and promote good hygiene!!!

Clean Classrooms = Productive Learning