@Mademonarch_O's Trip Down Memory Lane

Last night, Hump, my significant other Octavious, and I were pretty darn bored. What do you do when you're bored???....you turn to Twitter. Clowning was present in all of us but for some odd reason, Octavious (@Mademonarch_O) decided to go in on himself. Mind you...we were in a club posted...together (HA!). So we got the privilege of laughing while no one else knew what we were laughing at #FTW. Here are some of @Mademonarch_O's #fails:

I use to tuck my tee shirts in my jeans with a belt on

I had one iceberg shirt #shitwasfakethough didn't have a cartoon on it I had a damn teletubby

Ight man here it goes I use to wear my brother ecko shoes that he got from mr rags northwestplaza they was hella big too

Fuck it I use to wear big sweater vests with no undershirt

I bought Shaq cd #cantstopthereign

I use to like the hot boys hellaz when I was younger I went on www.hotboys.com and was hella pissed it was gay porn

I use to sneak and watch my brothers porn tapes and rewind them back at the exact part he left off #gotmyissueoff

Now we all were on some rubbish back in the day. Don't front (Some still are). But some of his ish was mind-boggling <--gotta love that word.

Black...must I say?...

DROVE!!!! Octavious better be thankful for what he got now <-- (Arrogant statement). All I'm gonna say is.....look at his date's shoes......*blank stare*...Goodyear heels. I bet if Twiggy would have walked by struttin' at that moment....he would have dropped to his knees and begged the Lord for mercy.

SIDEBAR (Not really but kinda): We have said this before and I will say it again....IF YOU AIN'T ON TWITTER AND YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING MY TWEET LINGO....MOVE ON! CUZ I CAN'T FUX WIT YA!


OcTaViUs said...

that shit was epic last night seriously

LWay said...

Look At Weezer! I See U... Seen U. HaHaa!