I Fucks With Big Sean ("Poe'd Up" Video)

Make sure to check out that brown skin chick that is shining in this video... brown skin bald-headed chicks > everything in life

Ass like a horse/ so when i pipe her to the head/ she'll be looking like a unicorn
- big sean


ANT said...

AGH!!! I remember when i first downloaded this song... MY SHIT!!! and I concur with the bald head reference too!!!!

The Skipper said...

This is dope for two reasons, one cuz big sean is ILL, and two because i actually talked with one of the dudes from Paelstra (ones who made the video) about a half a year ago when they were making videos for U-N-I. Dopeness! Goes to show hard work and persistence pays off

OcTaViUs said...

ugh i dont no, i like the video i like the bald chick but i dont care for the track as much well i like big sean part. how about another listen

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

this song is boring. everything is monotone. But this video is dope.

And I will make that black head brown chick turn light-skinned with hair (Mariah Carey) after I beat her ass and steal her glasses