Do you remember...

So I was sitting around chilling, when I started thinking about things that used to "fashionable" and kool back in the "day" (more like 4-5 years ago) lol. One thing that came to mind was Name Belt Buckles....remember these lol

If you remember those then you gotta remember these as well, this was the UPGRADE! lol.

So after looking those pics and laughing at that the memories of people rocking'em with other items such as dog tag chains and all white air force ones it got me thinking....Skip what were some funny things you used rock back in the early years of high school?? Well if you look below you'll get a peek at me in my gangster days, let the laughing ensue....lol.

Oh and to add to an already pretty bad pic, here is the "gangsta" version I made of it back in high school on GIMP! All my designers that used gimp before you could afford photoshop where you at.....??? LOL nvm...enjoy


OcTaViUs said...

well i can live and say that i wasnt one of them sucker ass niggas who got a name belt or led one either. i remember i went to cali for a skool trip n my niggas all bought a led dog tag chain
them niggaz called me lame for not getting one until this day them niggaz still rock the same ish and wear fake js
skip wtf u look like da brat
wher is the grill u had?

The Skipper said...

HA! @ the brat....
grill pics coming at a later date, too much "swagger" for one post LOL!

Twiggy Loveforkix said...