Music is Genius

Big fan of music right here!!...My friends as well. One of our fave things to do is look up the original songs in hip hop samples. It's amazing to see what the present day producers make out of these oldies. Ends up being some hot ish. (By the way...I believe that Kanye has this technique down!)...But do you ever think...wow...these music artists back in the day had no one to sample off of. They came up with these wonderful sounding concepts on their own! It's really amazing when you think about it. Much love and many props to the legends.

One of my favorite samples is "This Can't Be Life" on Jay-Z's album The Dynasty Roc La Familia. Of course, Kanye worked that out. =)

This Cant Be Life (Feat. Scarface) - Jay-Z

BUT it's great to know that when you love the sample, you can love the original the same....maybe even more. Kanye sampled Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes "I Miss You". Love it. Get hip to the oldies people.


OcTaViUs said...

jay-z remains the best rapper alive

ANT said...

I remember a while ago, I found this file out on the internet that had ALL of the songs Yeezy has sampled, with the original and his version on the same track. Have you found it?

Da$hing said...

I love this song