The Unknown

My good friend E. Red said she was scrolling through Blockbuster one day and seen 2 black dudes on the DVD pictured above that looked highly familiar. *light bulb* HEY! THAT'S ICE CUBE & MIKE EPPS! Black people like these guys!! I thought that Cube Vision (Ice Cube's film company) had movies that hit theaters...regardless of flops...but hmm....I don't remember seeing this at theatres.....hmm.....wait....did this go straight to DVD??!!! *gasp*!! Movies like this aren't even given the benefit of the doubt to pull in their committed mediocre audience in theatres so they are thrown into the video stores...i think (or is it just me?)...for the heck of it. That is truly unfortunate. I wouldn't have paid a dime to see this movie in theatres OR to rent it for the mere price of $1. But I feel the need to watch it because it's always nice to receive a few chuckles from low-budget quality things. The movie is on YouTube if you would like to join me. *shrug*

P.S. I couldn't even find the trailer for this deal. This has been stamped: DEAD!


OcTaViUs said...

i swear i meant to tell u about this shit i saw the poster outside of block buster ! i was like wtf!

Brandi said...

LOL it came out in theatres (like 20?) in october.