Crack is Wack

So me and Mr. Nesbitt like to peruse the Red Carpet Fashion Awards site every now and then and judge people (check it out HERE). It's basically a site that shows celebrities/socialites wearing fashions from runway or from popular clothing stores. Mr. Nesbitt likes to guess outfits that I would like and I like to dream that I had those outfits. Well the other day, we scrolled into horror land (on accident) and saw Miss Lindsay Lohan. Now we ALL know that this chick has been goin' thru major stuff...but I guess it didn't really hit neither me nor Nesbitt until we saw this picture. I mean look at the image above...(*breaks so you all can truly study the image*).....Doesn't she look like a CERTIFIED CRACK HOE!?? I mean WOW! She looks like a heroine abuser from the mid '90s. Lindsay...I can't take this anymore. I coulda sworn you were gonna get better like Britney did. But this look right here made it sort of official. You are actually a crack hoe. *bows head down in shame and sighs* I will give you the benefit of the doubt. But if only we could go back to the days when you were in Freaky Friday....I will even take Parent Trap if that's what's offered. *shrug*