Soulful Sample

So west coast artist Dom Kennedy has this super cool mixtape titled Future Streets/Drug Sounds (download HERE). A lot of dope songs reside there but the BEST one is actually an intermission. lol. "HellaGood Intermission" is one smooooth track. If you don't bob yo head to this, you have NO groove and you can jump off a bridge (don't kill your self, but just try to injure a few bones). Check it out real quick:

Hellagood Intermission - DOM. KENNEDY

ANYwhooo....this track is so soulful that I just knew that it had to be a sample. Magically (lol), the other day, Octavius let The Skipper listen to this track and the first thing he said was "That's a skating song." (The Skipper is an avid skater if ye'n know...not ice skating, not roller blading, but 4 WHEELS! CHYEA! Skate King BA-BY!!!) He immediately took us on a journey through YouTube (not really because he pulled up the vid with no problem) and showed us this skate video done here in St. Louis. Sure enough.....there was that soulful beat:

Now all I need for yall to do is let me know who actually did that original song!!! YES!! RESEARCH PARTY!!!


The Skipper said...

The song is Gene Harris-Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong

I know its long...lol link below


Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL.com) said...

Fourz Wheelz forever!

BTW G Harrias Rulez the Old School!

OcTaViUs said...

currently listening to it right now
thanks j.nichols for introducing me to dopeness

Triz Kennedy! said...

Dom is a beast. One of like the top Niketalk rappers. His other mixtape 25th Hour is a problem too.