Wsup Den?!?!?

Man never before have I wanted a little boy to get jumped by a group of dudes....... UNTIL NOW!


Demetrius said...

this shit is hella funny somebody shouldve smacked lil dude wit the skateboard

Never Fall Off!!! said...

My lil sister came at me like, these skater dudes was soft, kuz they was like "thank you ma'am" in the end.

And it occured to me, like who's right? I mean If i was a skater, I would've dropped his eight year old ass, but I mean, these skateboarders, weren't all the way afraid. I mean, a little, but white people dont usually get scared in numbers, so they seemed to just want to avoid confrontation. Which itself, is a wonderful idea.

But I truly believe, that they didn't get buck, or amp, because they just simply didnt care, like they would go home in their 2003 dodge avengers, and play xbox, until southpark came on, like I feel like this probably didnt affect them, hmm.

On a side note: I think its funny how alot of black folks, I know believe things will affect whites, for instance: "Im going to get my money up, and get this whip, and some rims, and show whitey, I can get mines.

I respond, Nah, that won't show them anything. except how to spend their allowance, trying to do what you do. Except, they don't have to try to hard, to catch up. You feel me. Maybe not.