Tips 4 The Dirty Folks

I am so tired of smellin funky mutha suckaz. When I get in the shower and bask in the fragrance of my products, I think about all the dirty/filthy/stank/sh*tty-smellin mutha suckaz in this world...*sigh*...I wish I could give people a lifetime supply of my bath products. BUT this is not possible. So if there was a way I could help, it would have to be through this blog....Take heed and check it! In the picture above are most of my essentials that assist in my pleasant, CLEAN experience during shower time. I would appreciate if you (just maybe), took a trip and give these products a try! *friendly smile*

(some of these products may be too feminine for the males out there but if you stank, i recommend you use them anyway):

Dove products are always a good way to go. Nothing says CLEAN like Dove (I should be in their commercials huh?)
• You HAVE to wash that face. Noxzema is an old school "remedy" but the sh*t works for me. Face products are iffy tho. Everyone's face isn't the same so you might have to go a different route.
• Keep that face moisturized. Not too greasy...not too ashy. Ponds is good for YOU! (Ponds is an old school lotion but it's fresh)
• Dental care!!...Colgate TOTAL is recommended (it gets down to the nitty gritty) and keep some floss on hand.
• Now...I'm not a huge fan of powder but I happen to like the smell of Johnson's lavender-chamomile baby powder. Please don't overdo the powder tho. (Good for smelly ass feet tho!)
Do smelly people shave?...it just seems like smelly people stay hairy. BUT let's say they do ...try Aveeno shaving cream. It's healthy and good for the skin. [SIDEBAR (kind of):: please do not shave constantly. This is bad for your skin. trust me!...I've seen some folks that was f'd up]
• To assist those smoothly-shaved legs, try Nivea lotion...THE ENRICHED FORMULA ONLY!!! The regular kind ain't sh*t. But enriched keeps you moisturized.
• Wash your hands all day! But when at home, try this dope ass hand soap from Bath and Body Works. It's called "Moonlight Path"..it smells GORGEOUS!

I hope this was of help stank folks. If you are not stank...please relay this message to your smelly ass friends.