Three way flip...the beauty in music

When it comes to music, beats/instrumental always resonate with me way better then lyrical stuff does. Dont get me wrong though, i love lyricism as much as the next dude, i just prefer to hear the sound of music/instruments themselves. A lot of times i will just sit on the computer watching cats on mpc's and asr's or fruity loops and reason just making beats and always dope to see everybody's own interpertation of how to flip a sample. Perfect example is the video below Billy Paul "Let The Dollar Circulate"

Also when you listen to the song its interesting that a song made in 1975 is so relevant to today's economic state...music is timeless

So first we have 9th Wonder's version, if you know anything about this guy's production then you know his drum layouts go HARD!

Next up we have the legendary J DILLA who made this track for Steve Spacek, ILL, but what else do you expect from the man Jay Dee (R.I.P)

Then last up we have Don Cannon's, better known as CANNON, track he did for young jeezy off the reccession album.

All three were pretty good flips but it was something 9th Wonders drums that practically had me snapping my neck from so much head nodding lol. Dont get me wrong though, Dilla's version was still insane and classic it was just something about the simplicity's in 9th's. And as for CANNON's/Jeezy's well.....umm no hate, but it was pretty much just the sample chopped in a few places and a few drums *shrug* thats just me though...anywhoo music is dope...that is all...lol


OcTaViUs said...

history repeats itself, AND I LOVE THAT SHIT
great post