The Force x Haiti Relief Recap Pt. 2

Sitting at home, gives me a chance to get caught up on a lot of work as well as posts so here are some more shots from the The Force Haiti Relief Concert...with a lil extra added to them. Some people i didnt get shots of, so if you're not shown i apologize in advance. anywhoo enjoy, post to facebook, twitter, whatev don't matter YA DIG!!! <--- can you imagine me really saying that lol>


OcTaViUs said...

Shitted on me
damn photos are ILL!!!!

-MikeG- said...

damn bro i didn't even realize it til now but i think i was unintentionally inspired by these photos for one of the flyer designs i made for the mixtape.
for instance - the rockwell photo i used is from a sneaky show, but i somehow made it the same damn color and it looks like the same shit.
its cause the colors are dope!

-MikeG- said...

killer shots by the way.