Fantasia........For Real????

Last night was the season premiere of singer Fantasia's new reality show on VH1. "Ignorance is Bliss" equals Fantasia and her family. There was SOOO much going on in one show. From the jump, VH1 found it humorous to quote Fantasia in bold text across the screen. It read: "2010 is Mines". MINES????......Fantasia....For Real????...(Sidenote: It would have been fitting to put question marks after the title of the show).

ANYwhoooo, we got to meet her family. Her mama....which is obviously where Fantasia got ALL her looks from. Her brother Ricco...who was barely in the show but I decided to mention him anyway. Teeny....*long pause + blank face*.....her smoochin' a$$ brother who looks like Benji Brown aka "KEKE" from Comic View. Her daughter Zion.....no comment. And lastly, her Aunt Bunny......*sigh*.....I am not fond of this lady at ALL! You know there's always that outspoken person in your family who doesn't know how to stop talking....well that would be Aunt Bunny in Fantasia's family. Except I came to the conclusion that she was probably even MORE outspoken because the cameras were on. I seriously wanted to turn into a pixel, go through the tv, and infect her a$$ with the most dangerous radiation ever in life.

Besides all of that, there were a few "hmm" moments:

- At the beginning of the show, Fantasia said she had to deal with the rumors of her being illiterate. However, they showed a preview for future shows and she was told that she was at a 7th grade level......"hmm".....Might as well be illiterate.

-Fantasia had 19 different hairstyles in one taping......."hmm".....didn't think that was possible.

- Fantasia is tatted up like the subway in Harlem...."hmm"......looks like third-degree burns tho.

- Fantasia talks like Dill Pickles and sings like a male leader of a church choir who is gay...."hmm"...think about it.

- Fantasia proceeded to say "that word" again....."She ain't yo child..She MINES"...."hmm"....7th grade level kicks in.

- Big back b*tches stay in Fantasia's crowd...straight from my Twitter...."hmm"...maybe you should follow Me: TwiggyKix

Regardless of me being confused and annoyed throughout the entire show, I will still continue to turn my channel to VH1 Monday nights at 9pm central time.

P.S. I also watched the show "Let's Talk About Pep" afterwards and came to the conclusion that Pep could body slam me and break 5 different body parts with her LegoMan body.


OcTaViUs said...

i guess i have to see this shit. you made a great post that should be on the intro of the show like the startrak credits