Should I Eat That?

*looks at cake above* I know.......bad right? That's actually old but my good friend ♥ WDE revived an old chuckle.

BUT ANYWHO....little did I know is that there is a whole site devoted to disastrous cakes called Cake Wrecks. On the site, they show bad cakes and then they show layed-out cakes.

But since this is the year of Sesame Street (40th Anniversary yall...get with it), I thought some Big Bird cakes would be of good taste......even though these cakes have NO taste.

Ugly #1 -- Big Bird's nose has been eliminated...only to be replaced by a name that I can't even read.

Ugly #2 -- Fake Big Bird/ Blonde Elmo

Ugly #3-- Big Bird's nose has turned skinny & orange....i guess.

Ugly #4 -- Is that Big Bird? ... *blank face*

The bakers of these cakes should be given 2 options: Either bow down to Big Bird and apologize....or get shot. I choose the latter...