Face The Facts

If you are unaware....up above is a picture of TV personality Bobby Jones who has his own show that plays Sundays on BET called Bobby Jones Gospel. My mother feels the need to play this on Sunday mornings....I guess because it is "Church day"...but I steer CLEAR of the television when Bobby Jones is on (I watch SpongeBob on Sunday mornings!)

Bobby Jones has been on since I was a kid...but besides my family...I have YET to hear someone admit that they think he is obviously a gay-flamboyant male who shows his colors in a place where homosexuality is usually looked down upon (or is that a stereotype?). Don't take this as me being homophobic. If I could find more gay friends, I would (pretty good confidants)...But it's weird that Christians go so hard about gays but when its someone that they know and adore, then the tables turn and they just ignore it. But I am sorry.....this man is trying to show you that he likes other males!!...I want this to be acknowledged and I want to go on with my life. I kno I kno...it's probably not a big deal to you all but this has bothered me since the age of 7 so I need this to come to light for my well-being. Even if the audience shouted out.."WE LOVE YOU GAY BOBBY!"...I would be beyond satisfied.

On another note...I boycott his show...not because he is gay....but because I feel like he thinks he is the ish and I think he's an arrogant mutha-SHUT YO MOUTH!