Blog Deprived

Sooo I haven't blogged in Might-Y long! Not because I don't have time for Made Monarchs, but simply because HP computers SUCK BIG THINGS!!!!!! We have a HP desktop that crashed and burned recently....less than one year after we got it. And it's not something that can be fixed by the click of a button or a few twinks....but the whole motherboard is down! THAT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN!...(am i wrong?) Besides fiending for comp time, I find myself writing down blog ideas that I anxiously await to blog for you lovely viewers. If I could, I would blog it all and overwhelm you with my presence....but I'm not tryna takeover.....
Anyway....I'm BACK............for now...
If you would like to donate to the "Help Twiggy Get A New Comp Fund", you can email me at:
(i kid. i kid...hehe. but donations are excepted)