Mafia, not the Wars

I ended my Thanksgiving break by spending time with "The Table" They are my friends from High School.
The name comes from the lunch room table we would meet at in the morning, lunch and in passing times.
Our group consists of 8-12 people (it depends on relationship management). We are an odd group because we are large in size and are not all best friends but something ties us together and I don't see us loosing contact... ever.
Without knowing, we organized our group beyond a click into some type of social order. We always look to plan events for The Table and we take into consideration "voting", researching and lobbying lol Yes it is as crazy as it sounds but this same group of people has been functioning like this for the past four years even though our personal lives have gone in different directions.
We will most likely be "The Table" when we are in our 30s, 40s and 50s.

(Above) Here we are in the Sleep session of our favorite intellectual social game called MAFIA It's a complicated game that promotes and hones the skills of lying, diversion, and whit.
This game can be seen in the horror movie CRY WOLF (Click here for the movie) Where private school students play a similar game where they have to find a killer amongst themselves. This game really does make you a well practiced liar and deceiver. I guess thats kinda bad hmm? But then again it also lets you practice reading people to find out who is lying. You should look it up and try it some time.

Lets keep the momentum going. See yall on Winter Break
The Table


Kevin said...

Omg!!!! That game is the shit!!! We were introduced to that game a year ago when we were invited to a party!!