Fab Goes In Again On Celeb Embarrassment

So if you haven't heard...Yes...Yung Berg was mollywopped in the back of his head not too long ago...Retaliation??....NONE!!! Check it out for yourself (fast forward 0:30 in to see the real action. You will see Berg walking into Stussy and you will see the seems-to-be-caucasian guy go in on that head of his):

Pretty funny huh?? (hehehe)...Well you KNOW that I instantly checked Twitter when I found out this news and I went straight to Fabolous page. His trending topic???....#yungbergshead. lol. Here's what he had to say:

#yungbergshead has got more hits than every worldstar video combined

Hip Hop is playing Duck Duck Goose wit #yungbergshead

NIggas hav put more hands on #yungbergshead than the Apollo log

#yungbergshead is a cheat code..left, right, left, right..up,down, up, down...

#yungbergshead is a hip hop blunt, everyone take one hit & pass..

Know yall heard i got into a car accident this week.. False, my car jus hit #yungbergshead

#yungbergshead keeps gettin mistaken 4 a golf ball, baseball, & soccer ball

Did #yungbergshead get sucka punched or did a sucka jus get punched??

#yungbergshead is a bitch... and thats why NIggas jus wanna hit it...

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