Play that GEE-TAR!!!

Okay so I think have an obsession with guitars, idk they're just dope. I mean I'm a fan off all guitar forms whether it be acoustic or electric. And if you want to know something funny I think it started with the movie Desperado. You know the one with Antonio Banderas in it where he has the guns that pop up from out of his sleeves.(pictured below)

Well the vid below shows the clip that started it all for me. I could not understand a word he said but i knew i wanted to play like him and have that kind of hair....LOL! (this was 1995 okay...lol)

After that two main styles pretty much took my attention: Spanish(acoustic) guitar, Slap Bass. Slap bass is style where you play with your thumbs finger instead of with a pick. Well actually both dont use picks traditionally lol.

This vid probably displays best where I want to be on the acoustic....

And this Bass playing genius is Victor Wooten, if you dont know check him out, but if i ever get this good.....well.....lol