Self Inflcited Studios

Yo! There's a new tattoo studio located downtown called Self Inflicted Studios. Located right between probably two of the dopest shops, SNKY and Nara Cafe, on the corner of Washington and 14th street. Three ill spots + plus Washington atmosphere = one of the sickest corners in the city.

Self Inflicted Tattoo
1328 Washington Ave
St.Louis, Mo 63103


Nichols Accomplished said...

what are the prices looking like?

The Skipper said...

no idea..lol

Miss Tasha said...

Finally! Some background though....the co-owner of the place used to work at T-Doggs. Found out they were opening the shop up when I went to T-Doggs to go over an idea for a tatt and I was told they were gone. Blew my mind, but all is good now, the wait is over.