Grown Man Shows Emotion

For all of you that are lost without internet, you probably missed one of the hottest web vids this week. Soooo.....Stephon Marbury was on his web cam and decided to put on a little Kirk Franklin "Lean On Me" (good song). However, this ninja get MAJOR emotional at the get-go of the song (must be goin thru some thangs) and produces the "ugly cry"...yea...the one where you show your WHOLE grill because you can't take the pain. Now at first I thought this was staged because there is another grown a** person in there with him that is consoling him and singing along HORRIBLY. but after viewing the video for a third time, I saw tears. Unless he had the time to splash some water on his eyes while he was in the "prayer position". So judge it for yourself *shrug*. Check it:

My fellow Twiggas (homies on Twitter) kinda went hard on poor Stephon. Comedian Kevin Hart was probably the funniest tho. Here are some of his tweets:

"Wtf, I just watched the the video of stephon marbury crying 2 a R. Kelly song!Nigga that's not even a real gospel song! Please watch it now"

"Lmao somebody just told me that the song he was crying 2 was "kirk franklins" not "R. kellys"! That still don't make it right, He's grown!!!"

"Your not suppose to cry if you have more than 10 tattoo's! And who is the nigga that put his hand on his shoulder!! What's going on people?"

Lil Duval even made his own twist on the vid:


ANT said...

lol, the dude donnell rawlings (bald head dude from Chappelle's show) made a parody too. HAHAHAH, and I be following Kevin Hart. nigga is a fool. AND!!! Deray Davis.