If you are on Twitter....PLEASE follow this guy. I promise you won't regret it and you will actually LIKE to see his tweets on your homepage!

This is Dry Dick Donnie:

Here is his Twitter: http://twitter.com/drydickdonnie

Here are some things he says on his Twitter:

"next time a nigga come to yo broke ass tellum look here homeboy,ill suck ya dick but i cant give u no pussy,i aint got my license yet"

"i just got out of da shower an boy was i nasty, its was gotdamn turtle in da tub"

"me jacking off cant all dat bad cause im loving myself ,an whitney houston said da greatest love of all is inside of me"

"da rule is if u come back 2 da hotel is u gotta fuck"

"im n houston,boy its some bad women here. the strippers dont get naked so since they didnt i did. it was a little weird"

"even when u getting head from a girl on her period,da head b all emotional,unconfident an cranky, NOBODY WINS"

"dont judge me @lilduval but one time i ate a girl out wit a yeast infection,had me coughing up honeybunz an muffins"

"i just made it rain wit my rent money, look like IM MOVING NEXT MONTH"

"this stripper just judged me an said i was wasting my life,LOOK WHOS TALKING BITCH"

"i successfully got stood up by a prostitute last nite,i called this morning 2 ask her wat happen she said she seeing somebody"

"ladies if yo coochie stank,dont worry ill still hit it,imma just put a motoercycle helmet on"

"I let a crackhead gimme sum head,an dis bitch put a liter 2 my balls an tried 2 smoke my dick"


OcTaViUs said...

this dude is taking over everyones twitter, the most random nigga in the world. we have to get him to come and host one of our events