Keep it Sanitary People!

I know you all have been hearing about this thing called Swine Flu. If you haven't, you probably have it by now. Stay away from me please..and thank you. The swine flu is a type of flu that originally stems from the pig...however, when in contact, humans can contract the illness as well. Even though we have something in common in the animal kingdom or whatever, our bodies can't take no viruses from no pig (excuse the improper english but this isn't class). So people please beware of the symptoms...usual flu-like symptoms...so don't blow it off if you feel something coming on. And I will repeat: please stay away from me.

P.S.A:: If you didn't do this already (which you should have)...wash your hands and stay sanitized CONSTANTLY! We not wining and dining with that swine people!


Nichols Accomplished said...

the swine flu go me FuCkEd Up!!! I havin been taking baths in B12 vitamins the last 3 days...