Looks Can Last A Lifetime...Is Hair Included?...

So I wanted to experiment (That's how I ended up with natural hair). STL Fashion Week is approaching and I dare to be different. I guess different for me this time meant weave. Sew in...i don't DO glue. So I had my friend SuJo hook me up. I wanted to look like Traci Ellis Ross. She did her thing and I stepped out into the world. Hooked up with my fellow Monarchs and they laughed at me because this was a different Twiggy (Mr. Nesbitt seemed to be the most excited). So I went around...got sum compliments...and got sum funny looks. No biggie.

I get home around 11pm and look in the mirror to see how I was gon style my hair for the next day.....There was nothing I could do with it. I mean...I did sum styles but the hair was SOOO big (the pictures don't do it justice) that it looked fake (even tho it was human hair)...and I am far from fake. So I started getting frustrated and then BAM!...There goes an anxiety attact. My eyes started watering....i was breathing angrily...and i started punching the air (ok...that was an exaggeration). I couldn't take it anymore. I politely told SuJo that I appreciated her time and effort...but this wasn't Twiggy. I took the weave out (which was a even more stressful process) and i washed my hair. Didn't go to bed until 3am.

I guess you have to make mistakes along the journey to find your way. *shrugs*
"No struggle...no progress"
-Frederick Douglass


Mr. Nesbitt said...

You had a Cuba Gooding Jr. moment "Punching the air" lol

I'm still mad you cut it, You could have rocked it for the first show and switched it up the next day.

Oh well do you!

OcTaViUs said...

i like the pics of you a lot.....its funny knowning that u had a midnite crisis doe