Hard Work

As you read this Memphis is behind us, [which is a good thing]. Being in this city made me see how much I LOVE and NEED my city.

The Historic black museums were a breath of fresh knowledge about myself, as was the Hood ass club we went to, [Plush Club] was also gave me a broader view of the current state of music, fashion, and the african american persona. . .

OUTDATED Every one was dressed as if we were in either 1995 or 2001. Like:

- Tags Hanging off clothes [LRG, Girbaud]
- Millions of glass diamonds around necks and in teeth and encrusted on jeans.
- Crimps/Crinkles
- Daisy Dukes
- High and Tight hair cuts [Will in early Fresh Prince episodes with the high fade in the back]
- Blue Blocker shades in the club
- REAL Pimps
- Pregnant twerkers.
- . . .the list goes on and on.

Im so happy to be home. God Bless St. Louis and our Ascent to affluence.


Syl said...

You said, "pregnant tweakers." What's a tweaker? Should I be familiar with this term?

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Sorry Typo. Pregnant Twerkers!!!

But I'm pretty sure there were tweakers and geekers there anyway
[people on drugs and sh!t]