Head 2 Toe

Black People are the most beautiful people on earth to me. They are also some of the most down trodden too. I am proud that even though we have been through a rough pass we have taken our exile and owned it, especially with fashion!

Brands Like RocaWear are some of the pioneers of "owning our own". Urban Brands have helped us to step away from what the rest of the world defines as in style or fashionable.

Now urban and street culture has gone main stream and taken the world by storm.
in turn our fashion has disfused into the old world higher fashions of New York and Milan.

This is what you get when your things become too "Boughetto" [couture and urban]

I love my black people but Sometimes it's sad. . . She dont even know whats up with that outfit. .
RW Coat, Pants, and Boots (Maybe Earrings too!)

FASHION RULE: Never wear the same Emblem's On more than Two Garments you are wearing


OcTaViUs said...

i cant stand the rain outfit