*shakin my head*

Michael Phelps....*shaking my head*....not because you handlin' that marijuana...but because you KNOW people wanna see you fail because you was smashing everyone in the Olympics AND because you like Lil Wayne (lol). So you know you shouldn't be doing this type of stuff in public because people will be on yo ass like they are now. Unfortunate for them, you can only get in trouble for this type of drug "in-competition" so those golds are still yours. And because you apologized so quickly, your sponsorships won't budge as much either. However, take this as a lesson learned. I wanna see you move higher bruh!
To learn more about the incident, click here.


Demetrius said...

fuck that fuck that if he was black his ass wouldnt be able to perform another task besides that right there racism still alive they just be concealing it...kanye