Octavius Gets Tatted

Another Monarch gets tatted. I'm the one that's actually tatted up "like the subway in Harlem" (according to Mr. Nesbitt), but now it looks as if Octavius is tryna get to my level. But I can't even lie....I think he surpassed it with this ONE tattoo he just got.

It took him awhile to come up with the concept, but that's how it's supposed to be when you are about to do something that sticks with you for life (unless you are rich and you can just remove it when you want to). But that's not what regular people do. We THINK! ANYwhoooo...you can't go wrong with having a tattoo connected to somone as special as a mother. Octavius found a quote on the back of his lovely mother's (the late, great Clotie Baker) obituary that had so much meaning. Add a little pizazz and you get an image...he picked a tree. A tree can represent "living". This went perfect with the quote...(SEE BELOW)...

(The Beginning)

(The End)

"Let us rejoice as we prepare for our journey of a rebirth".

Shout out to Self Inflicted Studios for a dope job well done....once again!


♥Indulgence♥ said...

woooooooooooord =) hella proper!

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Candessica said...

Nice O!
Can u explain the location though? lol