Iamme Atelier

I have the goal of being a Menswear designer, and not just a person who tells other people what looks well, but I want to construct it myself. To get mens shirt and suit construction down I would have to be taught by a person who knows how to do it, or just cultivate my own skills.

Seeing as I'm in school right now for public relations, there is not much drafting and tailoring going on. So I've decided to start with the easy things and work my way up to the complexity of men's garments.
This is the Mannequin I bought today. If you have ever caught a glimpse of my home I have one wall that is blank, with my painting hanging in the middle. The reason things are positioned away from this wall is because I'm slowly building my mini-Atelier here. Hopefully you can see it taking shape. As for the dress on the mannequin its simply two pieces (one around the neck and titays, and one around the body). It once belonged to a friend but it was too tight so it's a stalemate, but for now it makes my living room look really cool until I start making dresses again. {Which will be very soon}
(Above) as you can see I choose a random body that was close to me, they all look the exact same, this secret spot I found is a gold mine for business owners. I will be back for my male mannequin soon.

I'm going to keep posting about my advancements in self teaching. to check out more of my work look at my site : [www.IammeCollective.com]


OcTaViUs said...

congrads man, SHIT STARTS NOW.........

Syl said...

nice!!! AND the red dress!!!!