My homies and I have convos that often go off on a tangent....an interesting tangent nonetheless. If you know me, there are a lot of words that I cannot/will not say/use. Basically, these words are banned from my vocab due to my morals (*pause*...NOT!) or for the simple fact that it just sounds disgusting and trife. But NO ONE has more banned words from their vocab than my friend Ebo-S. She can't say ANYTHING! She has me beat (I mean...at least I can say TWAT!)

Somehow, we started talking about doo-doo. Ebo-S explained how she couldn't stand that word. This girl can't say DOO-DOO?!! I mean...you DO something, so why not say it twice??....DOO-----DOO! But Anywhoooo, I wanted to continue on with this convo out of curiosity. So I asked her: What word do you use? (I mean...there are so many to pick from: DOO-DOO, SH*T, DEUCE....and so on). She said that she doesn't use the words at all; she just says "Go to the restroom". I pressured her because she HAD to refer to it at least ONCE in her life. Finally, she admitted that she used the word "BLOP" if need be. Mr. Nesbitt said that word was worst because that's the sound it makes when it hits the water.

Finally, Octavius decided to ask Ebo-S if she would say "DOOKIE" for $1 Million dollars. Now, I HATE the word DOOKIE, but for $1 Million, I would say it in as many ways possible including in different languages. Ebo-S agreed. And Mr. Nesbitt chimes in with "Boy I'll EAT dookie for $1 Million!" *blank face* We all got WEAK!!

The convo veered off a little more and me and the homie Hump decided to figure out the different characteristics of the various words for a bowel movement. Here's what we came up with:
* Doo-Doo is wet but takes various shapes depending on how your booty hole is feeling
* Poop is wet but is molded in shape and skinny and it has a reddish-brown color to it
* Boo-Boo is hard and dark
* Dookie is hard and green
* Sh-t is big, long, and regular brown

If you got more DOO-DOO DEFINITIONS, post them mugs in the comment box

P.S. If you are offended by DOO-DOO TALK, your stay on MadeMonarchs.com is not welcomed anyway! You ol' mark-a$$-buster!!



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