Creativity Ain't Like It Used To Be

Me and the homies were watching old videos the other day....videos around the early 90s to the early 2000s. We went through all people from Dru Hill (will blog about that later) to Blaque (4got about 'em?) to Lil' Mo & Fabolous (blue braids and paper towel bandannas) to Trina (cuz she the baddest b*tch) to Will Smith (Big Willie Style). Good times...good times....*nodding in approval*....yes. But ANYwhoooo...we happen to come to Missy Elliott. First video being...OF COURSE...."The Rain". I use to LIVE for this video!...eyes glued to the tube when it came on. I was so fascinated with her creativity. And it didn't stop there, Missy kept it goin' from "Sock it To Me" to "Get Ya Freak On". People use to put a lot of creativity and imagination in videos. These days, artists are so worried about being artistic, weird, and unable to figure out. Where's the fun and excitement?!!!....

*sigh* Cheers! Here's to putting a smile on your face:

P.S. This year for Halloween, I'm goin' for the fat trash suit with the finger waves, dark shades, and black lip liner. Fux wit me.


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