ACNE S/S 2010 Footwear

Here is a quick peek into Acne's recent shoe collection for Spring/Summer 2010 (for all collections, click HERE). These were my favorites out of all of them. However, check out those heels!! YOWZAS! I feel as if I would have to learn how to walk all over again....You think it's hard for a baby???....Think how hard it would be for a 22.5 year old who wears sneakers 85% of the time (but don't underestimate my walk in heels -wink-). As for the random leopard moccasins thrown in there....I just feel like I could blast yo a$$ with those on. :)


LWay said...

V-Day Here I Come!!! Thanks Twiggz. Now I Got Something 2 Tie Her P.L. Shit And Matching Shock 2gether... Wait... How Much Are These? Let Me Check Out The Site First. Lol

LWay said...

! lol. Wow!