Why Lawd!!!!

R. I. P.
In case you didn't know the Devil (Myspace) has just bought the last Music playlist sharing site that was easy to navigate, and gave you music you new music you wanted to hear.

What's worse is they didn't just buy the website and put their name on it. They closed the site and said "MySpace is working to migrate your imeem playlist to MySpace Music. We’ll email you about that once we have more details."
To Me, that means to say, yea we are falling off so we bought up this company hoping we can redirect myspace from a creeper world to music.
BUT WHY WOULD YOU DELETE A SITE AND NOT EVEN HAVE YOUR OWN SHIT SET UP AND RUNNING YET. They even said the Itunes Iphone app will no longer work until Myspace puts out a new update.

And you know Myspace and New don't go in the same sentence.

God Bless Facebook


OcTaViUs said...

thats so fucking wack real talk