Twiggy's Vent Session

I went to SYGU's "2010" party last night and had a BLAST!...Got my groove on and kicked it with the homies. If anyone knows me, you would know that I can basically dance/jam to anything (minus J.Lo). But when I am grooving and I get interrupted by BS talk from a DJ....then that is a NO GO BUDDY! There was one DJ who happened to blow out 1/2 of my ear drum due to excessive screaming...not to mention, I couldn't understand him because he was speaking the same language as Donnie from the Wild Thornberrys. But ANYwhooo, after I finally became accustomed to this "sound", here he comes with this nonsense (and this was said/done multiple times):

"This is for the people 25 and older!...If you not 25 and older, you probably don't kno' nuthin bout this!!....If you 25 and older raise ya hands!!!....These young folks don't know about this!!"

*blank face* If I recall, this was a 21 and up event...so um....yea....what's up with this "25 & up" talk??....But that is besides the point. If you are going to pick an age to stretch the generation gap...at least go for 30-40. Because 25 is ONLY 3 years older than me....so tell me how I couldn't be on the same stuff they are on. So you tellin ME that these 25-year-olds were 3 years old rockin' out to some Slick Rick and Run DMC??...maybe so...but I know for a fact you didn't know what they were talking about and probably didn't learn the lyrics until you printed them out on AZLyrics.com in the late 90s. But THAT is besides the point...(not really but let me make my closing statement):


Do artists make music with an expiration date?....I sure hope not. That would mean that they have no true passion. Music lives on forever. So stuff from the past has caught up to me in this present day...for me to enjoy and jam WITH you if not MORE than you. Just check my iPod. The range is CrrAzyy! Just PLEASE....stop trying to feel special by putting yourself in a certain category....because besides the birth date, I've probably already been there. You might just learn from me. Think about it.


The End.