Twiggy's Looklet

If I am not on MadeMonarchs.com , you can find me on Looklet. Looklet is a mighTyyyyy dope website that gives anyone the chance to prove their style. My career goal in the past was to be a fashion stylist for celebs/socialites/whatchamacallits....but that was a no-go. Now I can pretend to be one through the web!! *excited glow* You should try it out. I promise it's dope. You get to pick the given models that fit the look you're going for. You style the model using name brand clothing items from the hottest designers/labels (i.e. Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Urban Outfitters, Chanel....mm hmm....all dat ish). Then...you can choose a background. In the end, you will name your style. Usually I name it whatever pops into my head first...no boundaries...so if I see "Bullsh*t", that is what it will be called. (SIDENOTE: For all of you males who are into this type of this ish...sorry but there is no love for you on Looklet. Because....well...women are cool). ANYwhoooo, check out some of my recent creations:

Every now and then, a stylist's design makes it to the front page. Guess who made it there???....ME!!! YOU GOT IT!! The style below was actually featured (hence the stamp) and received nice views. However, this is actually one of my least favorites. I have WAYYY hotter...trust. But receiveth and I shall taketh. <<<---Twiggy said it.