ONE REASON why i fux with the internet

ON NOVEMBER 28, 2009 the monarchs received an email from Alex Cowell who was checking out PRINCE EA "I make smart Cool" video on worldstarhiphop.com. All I have to say is CHA CHING! this dude does it all! PHOTOGRAPHY, COMEDY, POETRY etc oh did I mention he's from NEW YORK. Only 21 with an associates degree (about to go back to get bachelors) and out making it by following his dreams and surrounding himself around DOPENESS AND POSITIVE PPL (hmm sound like a monarch type of thing huh?) Basically he wanted to know what does it take to team up with us. YOU ALREADY DID IT BRO. Im not going leak out much yet but soon you all shall witness new ish with both made monarchs and ojovida.blogspot.com Here are some pics and I shall provide more contact info for Alex so you to can check em out. THANKS FOR REACHING OUT HOMIE.

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JB said...

Much love and respect!

Made Monarchs all day!!!!

RV said...

Beautiful pics...