If you haven't heard......the head honcho of the New Jack Swing movement, Teddy Riley, has been accused of physical abuse to his daughters Taja (18 y.o) and Deja (21 y.o). Supposedly, the fight was arisen due to a heated discussion about Teddy's current "love in his life"...some 22-year-old broad...(hmm..pretty close to the age of his daughters...so i'm sure this was awkward/ a problem from the beginning). ANYwhooo, Teddy got angered and this resulted in him kicking, stomping, & punching his daughters while they were down (i added in "while they were down" for a dramatic emphasis...they might have been standing strong in the fight). ANYwhooo....listen to this....Teddy also uses a Rock Band guitar to finish them off!!!...and even has the nerve to threaten to kill them with the guitar! Can we all say together?...............DROVE!!!!!

Ok ok. So they say the fight was because of Teddy's hot mama...but I know it must be something more...especially with the details involved. I mean come on!....a Rock Band controller!!??!..Sounds like somebody was suffering from a major loss after playing Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer". *shaking my head* Yep I said it. This is all a cover up. Teddy was upset that his daughters were smashing him in game play...so just like a sore loser...he takes to violence. Tsk Tsk. What if he was to play me??....A person who spends a certain amount of time a day jammin' on this electronic guitar...getting better every beat. He would have probably put me in a WWE stranghold and sent me to ICU....because I would have de-glorified his a$$ !!! But I ain't no sucka!! I'M CALLING YOU OUT TEDDY!!! COME AND GET IT!!! I'LL BRING THE GUITARS (because I am sure that yours is done for since you used it for illegitimate reasons)....I'M CHALLENGING YOU FROM THE DEPTH OF MY SOULLLLLL!!!!

SIDENOTE: I do not take physical abuse as a joke...regardless if it is used as "discipline". Teddy absolutely took it too far. I hope that no one was offended by my tangent.