From the Mid-West to the West Coast

Recently on Octavius's and Mik G's radio show (Waitin For The DJ) we had guest that included Will H., Prince Ea, Mic Young, A-Game, and Mc/Skateboarder Jabari Pendelton.

While the show went on I got a chance to talk with Jabari about some of the stuff he's doing. He's a St.Louis native currently out in the west coast skating for different brands and just grinding hard...*no pun intended.* Well turns out dude def has skills when it comes to skating check out this vid of him doing his thing....btw the intro is HECKA funny!

ps. we got some stuff we're collabing on too, so be on the look out for that coming up soon yall


OcTaViUs said...

that nigga jabari cold! big ass nigga
we gotta get it in b4 u leave

defmccoy said...

Me & Jabari used to work together & he def doesn't look like a skater, but gets it in. Did he cut his braids? Dopeness!!

-MikeG- said...

damn dude that's hard as fuck.