Fashion Focus

Let the Magic Begin!! I recently bought the coveted fashion sketch book "9 Heads" online for only $40 (used) its regularly priced at $100 and It almost never goes on sale.

I was watching my basic cable and I saw one of those wack ass Local Law commercials. The old Man said "We specialize in Social Security and Disability Cases" and then he said " We focus all our effort in being good in one thing." Usually I laugh at those low budget specialty lawyers, but this time I really thought about it. They probably are the best Social Security and Disability lawyers around because they focus all of their energy on that.

I have some skill in many areas, Film Production, Event Planning, Sales/Marketing, Sewing, Styling, Design and Love Making. But I have realized I don't put forth as much effort into one thing as I could, so with that started.

Now its time to bring the focus to the fashion!


OcTaViUs said...

dope post
i dont no if u notice n the song but he said "pussy long"