If You Ain't on BJ (The Chicago Kid), You Probably Ain't on Shit...

mark my words, BJ The Chicago Kid is what R&B has been waiting for... as a long-time r&b fan, i can't help but be excited about what this cat brings to the table. His music has that soulful sound like d'angelo, raphael saadiq, the "confessions" usher (not usher's new shit that's kind of commercial), and maxwell. it's that music that will make you play the cd until it skips... download his mixtape "The New Beginning" here to find out for yourself!

here is a video sample of what this cat is capable of:

BJ The Chicago Kid: Change Your Life from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

you can also follow him on twitter @listentobjcom, he is one of the few artists that actually replies to his fans... fuck with him!


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