Chanel Shanghai

I'm Sorry but you Sneaker Freaker Geekers just might not be ready for this ( or interested)
But Uncle Karl Is THE BEST!
If you ever wondered how a brand goes from an idea to millions of dollars it starts with his hand!

New reality show should be " I want to work For Karl"!


OcTaViUs said...

dude that shit was amazing. karl is a damn beast and them leggings wher hella nice. hoes would go ape over them. #trudesignershit

Wendi said...

Merci beaucoup Darren! J'aime Karl Lagerfield et Chanel beaucoup!!

(Thought it was appropriate to apply the language...x )

Wendi said...

Ok So I have watched it again. I love this so very much... Where did you learn of this Darren?

Mr. Nesbitt said...

I will Fbook you, it's a video diary that led up to his Chanel-Paris-Shanghai Show.