Hear It From Mariel Haenn

So I have always known that there was some wonderful and intriguing stylists behind Rihanna's complete 180-turn in the fashion world. This lady would be Mariel Haenn. She has designed people from Ciara to Will Smith. But Rihanna is the one to give her the highest credentials.

Mariel gave MyFashionLife 5 minutes of her time to speak on style.

Here is a sample:

Rihanna’s style has evolved from Barbadian island girl to bonafide style icon, which you are partly responsible for. How did you decide on the drastic change?

Rihanna's evolution was a natural progression that worked with the evolution of her music. When I first started working with her she was in her baggy jean phase and my goal was to make her a little more cutting edge and sexy and over time continued to push the envelope.

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