I am on some MAJOR rebel ish this morning and it will probably last until sunset.

Me and Octavious heard this song while playing Guitar Hero last night and I cannot BELIEVE that i forgot about this dope a$$ song and the dope a$$ video that comes with it. I use to listen to this song constantly when it came out and couldn't nobody tell me NOTHING! Just to let you know......i am in that mode right now. CAN'T NOBODY TELL ME ISH!!!!!!!!!! If someone gets in my way or has their business where it's not needed (*cough, cough* THE LIESSSSS!!!!!!)...I will politely play this song and.....STOMP THE SHNIT OUTTA YO A$$ rhythmically to the beat!!!

:) Just keep that in mind....


ANT said...

you are NOT!! effin wit me on the Hero!!! and yes, when I saw this song was on the game I lost my damn mind. got hella happy and played 5 times in a row. Brought back all memories of 3/4 grade. lol

OcTaViUs said...

man that video was heavy then and even more heavy now
i freaking love that shit
song is hella dope too
korn rulesssss