So not too long ago, Keri Hilson performed in Atlanta for their Black Gay Pride festival. That's cool and all but I have an issue I need to put on the table. I can get down with whoever (I am speaking of a friendship basis for all you pervs that took that the wrong way). BUT if you are a dude-girl or a girl-dude (in other words...a "transgender")...PLEASE do it right! Check out this dude-girl on the left of Keri in the picture. Ugly I know...but go down to them legs!!! Good Gracious Almighty!! Surgery instruments and lotion needs to fall from the sky and heal them legs. Check out the legs again in the pic below:

TRAGIC!!! Those heels are about to say "F**K THE WORLD!"..'cuz they ain't gon last long. Back to what I was saying..if you are going to switch it up..PLEASE be able to do it smoothly. Because that right there is ROUGH!

P.S. Me and Keri are back together. I left her for a second because I fell in love with Rihanna's wardrobe but it's all good now.


Nichols Accomplished said...

that nigga on the left of sheree looks like a fucking gremlin... SCARY!

Jai. said...

Yo, dont do Miss Sophia! (the one standing in the middle on the last pic)
I had my internship this summer in ATL at v-103 and we got cool as hell.
That's my boo!

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

If yall that close...hand her some dry-skin moisturizer