Talk Dark and Stylish

[With the help of Clothing from Nicholas K. Fall 09 Collection]

You don't go hard with color? Do you wear alot of black? gray? or dark green?

thats fine, but if your going to be dark and plain in color, step it up with the structure of your garments.
That means make sure your coat has plenty of pockets, buttons, overlays or deconstruction, and that you have on different fabrics. Mix and match knits, corduroys, leathers and synthetics. The more you mix the more fashion forward you will look. [THIS ONLY APPLIES TO WEARING THE SAME DARK COLOR]

I would like to see more people wear a new fit of jeans , Lower the crotch!
[Don't sag but please stay way from skinny jeans that make your junk look non-present.]
[Warning Having a low crotch only works for tall people, if you are not at least 5'9ish please dont try this]
Raise the Collar! [Please dont raise your shirt collar] I meant just raise your coat collar, if you are comfortable enough you can pull it off and still look serious.

Raise the Boot! Timbs are out, Polo boots are drowning. Go for less mainstream brand, there are hundreds out there, also go for height! get some military inspired boots that reach up the calf. Make sure the design is simple and the materials are matte, and dont collect scuffs and dirt.