So @NicholsAccomp (whoa! am I typing like I'm on Twitter) introduced me to this show on HBO called Eastbound & Down...done by Will Ferrell and ish. I think it is HILARIOUS! It's like me getting a taste of Stepbrothers in TV! Kenny Powers is the main character on the show and he "rocks my world"...*blank face*. SOOOOO....found this ninja on Twitter and I get a kick out of him (I need "tweeters" like @DryDickDonnie and @KFUCKINGP to loosen up my twitter updates...throw in a lil' spice..DO YOU HURR ME!). ANYwhooo....Kenny Powers doesn't update as much but when he does, it is always something great! AND it comes out of nowhere (those are my fave moments). Follow him on Twitter!! This is what you will see on your Home page:

Working on my new audiobook, tentatively titled "Stop Sucking Dick & Start Getting Your Dick Sucked."

Most of the time I get a fucking bigger orgasm from taking a shit more than ejaculating.

Never kept a diary or a journal but I've always tried to keep a pube from every girl I've pounded...if she had any.

Growing up, I'd always tell my brother Dustin to stand further back from the urinal so people think your dick's bigger.

Staying at the @StonerNation loft in NY. The pot leaf-shaped bed is uncomfortable as shit but the hookers don't seem to mind.

Looking to get fucked fucked up & sucked up tonight. What non-titty bars do the girls not where underwear in?

Told the Mets to shove it up their dick hole if they thought $27M, an Oscar Meyer endorsement, & a Shetland pony was enough to sign me.

For those of you saying it's "latina." First, I'm not sure if she had a vadge. Second, Go fuck your George Lopez DVD's.

Don't need an Emmy. I was just going to melt down that shit & make a mold of my dick anyway, like I did with the Commissioner's Trophy.


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TwiggyKix is the name!!!


Playboy Mar$ said...

Eastboung & Down is like MY SHIT!!!