So today is my day off of work. I spend time watching talk shows and Fox Family. Which lead me to an ULTRA corny episode of Sister Sister. *sigh* Remember the episode with Brian McKnight...he's already lame. But this made everything worse. Check it:

(excuse the poor quality but i had to show you what i was laughing at..)


Jai. said...

I used be obsessed with Tia and Tamera for years! Everybody thought me, my mom and siser looked like them.

"You know I am."
lmao when Tia turned around and he's w/ his girl.

This episode made me soo uncomfortable esp. when his tight ace pants at 1:10! That entire dance was so embarrassing to watch!

But even more corny is the Cinderella episode with Tamara and Jordan when they dance to "Slow Jam" by Usher and Monica. lol

I gotta find that video!

Jai. said...

I found it! Yipee!

They hit maximum corny level at min. 3:46. lol

"Jordan, in your arms,(insert whisper)...one dance can last a lifetime."- this quote changed my life, lol

P.S. I should start a blog dedicated to Tia and Tamara. lol