Hello folks! Sorry for being M.I.A. but Twiggy and I took a trip to Milwaukee and Chicago over the weekend. But Twiggy's heart was broken once we went into the Nike Factory Outlet in Chicago off 87th and Cottage Grove. This is what she saw............

This is a picture of Jordan Packs 1/22, 3/20, 5/18 SIZES 4-7 and they were all going for $84.99 "WTF" is the look Twigs had on her face. The original price of each of these was $199.99. Twigs is now on a NO RUSH FOR KICKS type thing. I'm behind her 100%.
they also had other Js, in bigger sizes hit me up for details


C said...

man thats how i felt when i walked into the nike factory outlet in the KC and saw my black and purple flights tht i paid retail price for ($115) and they were selling them for 60 bucks, i was pissed, and still am pissed.