Taco taco!

El Borracho
| Taqueira Y Cantina |
(formerly Club Nectar)
This past weekend was very busy and full of new things in my life. This Saturday was the first day of my ALIVE magazine internship,
The event: Emerging Artists block concert on Washington
The Music: Fresh Air and Earthworms (They were my favorite =[CLICK])

And. . . THE FOOD: Gringo Style Tacos from The newest Mexican spot in STL. My mouth is watering while typing this. . .

My motto as a monarch has always been To lead is to Serve, so We will be servicing you by being the first to taste test and review El Borracho on its food an drink.

It's hard work out here but some one has to do it. More info after today!


fab_E said...

heyy that sounds good...awesome job on the blog! i loves it!