Some Fashion Week Recaps...

So as most know this past week was St.Louis fashion week hosted at the Lumiere Hotel. You know MadeMonarchs had to be in attendance and we had the homie Vic ,from Chi town, and the homie Evan with us. Wed night was the exhibition for the artist from Fresh Paint, including myself and Octavius and the homie Kevin of T.H.E.M. The show was pretty kool, there was free food and breakdancers performing. The fashion show itself featured all designers from st.louis in a contest for $30,000 and professional photoshoot etc. The designs were pretty nice and the runway besides being a bit small was pretty nice too. All in all it was kool night, there are some things i will point out but thats for another post...hehe lol


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

screw that...Fashion week was WACK! sh*t is overrated. sry. i want my money back. hood fashion shows were more organized than that.

that is all.


The Skipper said...

LOL i was trynna to go easy on them, BUT LET TRUTH BE TOLD BRAP BRAP BRAP!